Download copies of official Singapore Land Authority sales caveats

ReportDetails_Sail_2bedrooms_feb2010.pdf 63.3KB
All Sail units_Sept2009 to end Jan 2010.pdf 77.5KB

This is a compilation of actual sales prices we've seen in the market.  Now both Buyers and Sellers can know what the market prices are, the dates are the approximate dates of the signed offers, actual completion dates are normally a few months later:

September/October 2009

24-05 sold at S$2,601

25-03 sold at S$2,999

July 2009 Sales Transactions
5x-05 sold at $2,420

0x-04 sold at $1,900

5x-07 sold at $1,780

June 2009 Sales Transactions
6x-11 sold at $1,860 with tenancy of $3,400
5x-09 sold at $1,900 with tenancy of $3,700
5x-10 sold at around $1,850 with tenancy

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